Cluster bomb ban: Is a ban on cluster bombs feasible?

  • A ban on cluster bombs is feasible

    A ban on cluster bombs is feasible for several reasons. First of all, cluster bombs are generally looked down upon by most countries, similar to nuclear weapons. Secondly, for cluster bombs to be banned, the U.S. will need to stop hiring defense contractors to build them. If the citizens in the U.S. stop electing officials that have close ties to defense companies, it will be easier to ban these types of weapons.

  • Bomb Bans are Nice Ideas, but Not Enforceable

    While cluster bombs are a threat and a ban is a great idea, there is simply no way to enforce such a ban so there is no reason to enact it. Since each nation is sovereign, they are allowed their own laws and military choices, so even if the United States eliminated these weapons, there is no reasonable way to force the rest of the world to do so, and an attempt would be unenforceable and may lead to further strife.

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