CNN Poll: 75% say most Republicans in Congress don't deserve re-election. Are Democrats any better?

  • Republicans are Unelectable

    Unsurprisingly, the Republican doctrines of small government and low taxes, deregulation and provatisation are not a 'grassroots movement'. Republicam, especially Tea Party politics ar only kept afloat by the enormous amount of PACs, Donors and Media outlets that would prefer to see profits soar than people be happy. Democratic core ideology supports civil rights, better education etc. There is no mainstream American Left but the Demoracts are the ebst compomise there is.

  • Yes, because of core ideology.

    If you are going by the ideology difference, the Democrats identify more with the bulk of the people and the problems of inequitable distribution of wealth. The Democratic party has by standard believed in civil rights, better education, healthcare {since Woodrow Wilson}, food to eat for all, and shelter, well, you know the humane approach to human suffering. The Republicans have a fixation on 'spending' which is NOT necessarily a bad thing, but it is always spending on social projects they oppose, war mongering or unrestricted Ponzi schemes are hands off. And this latest stunt with the so called 'grass root's movement the Tea Party..Is just a placation of the low information, hating, racists, neo cons who really just don't know any better, poor things.

  • Better than the alternative

    Democrats are corrupt, unreliable, professional liars and thieves.

    So are Republicans.

    Now that the basis are set, let's look at what they stand for. Democrats are trying to bring universal health care to America. Not much of an innovation there: every other Western nation did that soon after WWII, and the majority of third world countries followed suit soon afterward. So by now we are the last ones standing in the way of progress. Because it is progress: it is the difference between saying "if they can't get insurance through their jobs they don't deserve it so let them die" and "all human beings deserve health insurance".

    Republicans are indeed defending the first position. I'm truly appalled at the thought that a part of 21st century America still goes for these "frontier" styled policies.

    Now are some Democrats going to make a handsome profit from the ACA? You bet. Do they all care for the poor and the destitute? Don't make me laugh too hard. But the point is, they are sitting on the right side of history. So that makes them better -even if many of them are not as individual politicians.

  • They seem to be

    Just look at the ratings of both parties..... The GOP has an approval rating of 28% which is the lowest of either party ever recorded, and at the same time the Democrats are sitting comparatively well at 43%. 75% say most republicans dont deserve re-election, but the numbers suggest only 50% think most democrats dont deserve re-election, which is a pretty big gap between the two.....

  • The Proof Is In The Results!

    The 111th Congress was controlled by Democrats. It was the most productive, hard-working Congress in 40 years! This isn't my opinion. It has been stated repeatedly by historians, political analysts, etc. Anyone can Google this subject and find exact figures, the laws passed, etc. By comparison, the current 112th Congress -- with a Republican-controlled House -- has done precious little. They're work-record would be slacker material to whichever Congress you chose to compare it to. They have attempted a default (2011), then led us in a 16-day shut-down (2013). The gridlock is overwhelming.

    If you look at the 2012 election, there was very little change in the Senate. It remained almost where it was after the 2008 election. So, basically, it is the same Senate that worked in the 111th Congress. But the House ... There's the difference. In the 2008 election, Dems had control of the House. Nancy Pelosi was Speaker. That was the 111th Congress. In 2010, Republicans took the House and it's been a mess ever since. They don't work with the President. They rarely work with the Senate. The in-fighting of the GOP has hurt the country as much as it's hurt the party. And there is no indication these folks intend to change. When this country was trying to claw its way out of the worst recession since the Great Depression, the House Republicans did anything and everything to slow the process. That's not leadership. It certainly isn't serving the best interests of the country, or its people.

    If I hire an individual to do a job for me, I expect results. Public servants aka Elected Officials are "hired" by the people via our votes. Their job isn't pandering to special interests, or feathering their own nests. Their job is to serve the people ... Actually work ... Show progress ... Be productive. That's our government at its best. The House Republicans haven't given American that. But the 111th Congress, controlled by Democrats, has a record to prove that they did!

  • Barely, but better.

    While both parties have some serious issues and are massively intragnizent, the GOP is far more entrenched in extreme partisan politics than the Democratic Party. It has gotten so that any Republican daring to be moderate on even a single issue loses all support from the GOP, and the entire party is held hostage by the Tea Party fanatics like Ted Cruz. I don't much care for either one, but given only two choices I'd still vote for a Democrat over a Republican in today's political climate.

  • Better, but only better than the current GOP House

    The question is are democrats any better - I am assuming the question is aimed at the current Congress, and the faction of Republicans who seem bent on firebombing the US government at any cost rather than working within its confines to bring about a solution. So yes, I'd vote for democrats over anarchy, which is about all you could call the other side at this point. They are in control of the most bizarre and irrational Congress I have ever seen. But if the question were more general - I would say Republicans and Democrats are equally bad.

  • Just a little

    The shut down is more the republicans fault but both sides are terrible democrats are a little better but not much better really the whole party system is flawed and should be abolished I need more words ive ran out of things to say thung life smoke wydd 420 swag

  • Their policies are worse, but at least they vote for what they say they will.

    We elected Republicans to Congress to stop the Affordable Care Act, to begin spending tax dollars well and efficiently; not to raise the debt ceiling, bail out General Motors, or allow our overblown government to keep abusing power and spending irresponsibly.

    Democrats are better only because, even though their policies are worse, they are only crooks, not lying crooks like the Republicans.

  • It's not "Both Sides" causing the problems

    We have had a Republican Party and a Democratic Party in their modern forms since the 1960's. We have never had these kinds of problems with the congress until the Republican Party got infested with a hard core of far-right extremists. The Democratic Party does not have an equivalent group of supporters that preach abortion clinic-bombing, "God hates gays," "Guns dont kill people guns kill liberals," shut down the government and repeal the EPA crowd like the Republicans do.

    The truth is, that if this hard core of far right extremists were removed from the Republican Party, then both sides might be a lot more like each other, and better able to work together. Most Republicans that I talk to don't even like these far right people - so I hope that they can reclaim control of their party.

  • Democrats and Republicans are really the same these days.

    So no, the DNC isn't any improvement over the GOP. Yes, Cruz and the GOP blocked and closed government (which wasn't really much of a pain seeing as non essential personnel is just a polite way of saying useless morons), but it was the Democrats who refused to talk about a compromise that many in the US were and are still asking for.

  • Republicans take a pocketknife where a machete is needed; Democrats say "What problem?"

    Both sides are groups of corrupt scumbags out to line their pockets, and their various friend's pockets. There are a couple fundamentalists out there who truly believe they're doing what's right, but the rest have an idyllic view of the government's role in the lives of the populace. The Republicans are more on the right track than the Democrats, but int the end, they're just stalling and calling it progress. The Democrats want Mao's Great Leap Forward in America, destruction of monuments notwithstanding. In short, they're all scumbags. Every last one of them.

  • Not that I care, but no...

    The Republican party of disgraceful. Their platform looks like mine, but their actions look like tightly coiled, steaming piles of my dog's Alpo-Bombs.
    I refuse to align myself with traitors and cowards, even if it means we loose an election. If we loose the country despite standing on principle, then I can accept my defeat.

  • They are both terrible

    The truth is that our political system is completely dysfunctional and members from both parties are to blame. Any competent leader understands that compromise is a basic fundamental part of effective leadership. The fact that that seemingly no one in Washington has the sense or courage to engage with opposing party members is insanity. Instead, each party blames the other, takes no responsibility and goes on Fox News or MSNBC to tell their own version of the truth. Pitiful. Watching these clowns on TV is like going to a high school football pep rally. A bunch of empty rhetoric about why our team is great and theres isn't. Only problem with that is that we are supposed to all be playing for the same team, America...Fire them all!

  • This is why I don't align with either side!

    They both suck! Politicians are dishonest greedy scum and one side is no better than the other. They seek power for a reason and it's rarely because they want to help or make things better. We are working with an outdated system that isn't built to handle modern society. Our forefathers did an amazing job in setting the bar for freedom and liberty, especially considering the options and knowledge they had at the time. Their genius and moral fortitude was simply unreal. But trying to apply the same governmental system to today's society is like trying to update my amiga 500 from the 1980s to run all my computer applications today...Slow, ineffective, and easily corruptible. It just isn't the most effective system for our modern society and the checks and balances are too easily worked around. Besides, I think that we need to develop a society where the benefit to humankind becomes the currency instead of money. That way people only earn "currency" by doing the things that actually benefit others or society, rather than dishonest scumbags getting rich by thievery and other forms of taking advantage of people. Today, you can't make money any more unless your willing to engage in the most disgusting and dishonest behavior and even if you do make a little money, some other dishonest scum will come along and blow you out of the water because he/she is willing to "do what it takes" (as they say). If we completely developed a new monetary system, then we could fix many of society's current ills. For instance, we could ensure that everyone had a contribution to make, a place to live, food to eat, and medical care when needed. Instead of trying to update a broken system, why not just develop a new one? We know more then they ever did in the past. You can't convince me that if you got the country's (or the world's) most intelligent and good people in all various fields in one room and said,"come up with a new form of government" (or even "solve the world's problems") that they couldn't do better than this pile of garbage that we have now (which only barely resembles the intentions of our forefathers anyways). Anarchy is crap and wouldn't work and I don't want it, but you can't tell me that we can't do better than what we have now. We CAN do better than this!!! Why in the h*ll aren't we?! Why do we settle for this garbage when people are suffering and dying every day?! This is NOT acceptable and something NEEDS to be done before our current government can no longer even hold itself together and it collapses in upon itself! We won't have been the first society in history that fell apart! It CAN happen people! We are not immune!

  • They are not

    Both parties are unpopular right now. In fact according to a recent Gallup poll, 60% of Americans are dissatisfied with both parties and would be open to a third party option. Overall congress is massively unpopular and I think people are sick and tired of being played for fools for so long at least those that care are.

  • Two sides of the same coin.

    The only difference between Democrats and Republicans is which portions of your life they want to control. The Republicans tend to align with the religious right and therefore want to control who you sleep with and who you marry. Why is the government even involved in your personal life at all? It's completely asinine. Marriage is not a government institution. Not only should I not require the permission of the government to get married, but the government shouldn't force churches and religious organizations to marry people if it's against their beliefs. Democrats love separation of church and state...Unless they want to force the church to do something.
    The Democrats align with the left and want to control your wallet and your health. The error they make is in thinking that the money that I go to work and earn doesn't belong to me. Nobody is entitled to the fruits of my labor except me and those I deem worthy of my charity. The Democrats think that anyone that will vote for them is worthy of the fruits of my labor. As far as my health goes, if I want to have a high fructose corn syrup I.V. Drip and weigh 1700 pounds, it's none of your damn business either. Keep your bulbous nose out of other peoples' business and maybe they won't be so tempted to punch it.

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