• Co-ed is better than single sex-ed because

    Co Ed is better because

    1- it is more of a representation of the real world around us..Which has both girls and boys..And the purpose of schooling is to educate us so that we can be ready for the world as adults..Now if the school was single gender based..We'll go off to the world acting all nervous around the other gender as we do when puberty hits us as 14 years old

    2-single education system sends the wrong message..It makes the other gender looks like they are bad for you and that's why you are isolated from them

    3-co-Ed helps people get through the puberty better..As puberty hits you..You are naturally more curious about the other gender..And that curiosity is completely healthy ..Co-Ed lets you get to know about the other gender better than single Ed

  • Not always better. In some cases, the opposite may be the case.

    Males and females are different in certain respects. They are the same in more ways then they are different, but that is not to detract from the fundamental and obvious differences between the sexes. Mixed-sex or co-educational schools can be better than single-sex, but it depends on a number of factors, including the society, culture, and indeed the individual. The key to understanding the role of education in any society is to gain an appreciation for the culture and values of the people. That is not to say that socially conservative societies that separate the sexes in education are onto something; more that envisioning a society that does not pay heed to the fundamental differences between the sexes is a betrayal of human nature. There are differences between the sexes, and this should be reflected in the education system like it is in the wider society. Schools are microcosms of the real-world, and should teach students about real-world realities; not function as a petri-dish for social liberals with their agendas regarding gender politics and bogus 'equality'.

  • Single sex schools are better!!!!!!!!!👍

    There is more concentration and a relaxed environment. Boys and girls learn differently so need to have special attention to bring out their best. When there are no boys in the class, girls can do better in subjects like math and other science subjects and vice versa.Up single sex school!!!!!!

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