• Co-ed Schools are a Better Idea

    I believe co-ed schools are a much better idea than single-sex schools because young people need to learn to socialize with the opposite sex in a controlled setting before they reach dating age. It is particularly important for young women who, without this exposure, do not know how to handle themselves around young men because they don't understand them well enough. A single-sex environment, while perhaps better for learning in general, does not prepare a student for the outside world.

  • Yes, co-ed schools teach social skills.

    Yes, co-ed schools are better than single-sex schools, because students should learn to get along with members of the opposite sex. In the real world, students will have to work and live with both men and women. They should also learn that they are competing for jobs and promotions with members of the opposite sex. This is better education for the real world.

  • Co-ed schools help teenagers and youngsters figure out sex education ideals

    Even though sex education has increased in public and private schools, there is still a way to go. Single-sex schools make the opposite sex seem foreign, and a "fear of the unknown" can pervade, leading to single-sex school students leaving the school to study the opposite sex. While co-ed schools can lead to distraction, it also creates a positive learning experience.

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  • What if gay?

    If you're gay and in a co-ed school, you look like a freak. If your in a single-sex school environment, people tend to think you're gay because you made a connection that gender because being around them so much and no other options. There is much less judgement around your life.

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