Coaches on the defensive: Did Sean Payton go too far when he snapped at a reporter after the Saints's loss to Detroit?

  • Reporters Aren't Just Fair Game

    Sports are emotional, especially at the professional level. Reporters can also ask dumb questions sometimes, but that is no excuse for Sean Payton to snap at a reporter. For the most part, reporters are asking questions that fans want to know the answer to, and as such, are proxies for the fans and the viewers. Payton went too far.

  • Reporter was just doing their job.

    Reporters have a job just like anyone else. Their job is to report the news. Payton was out of line snapping at them for doing their job. No one wants to give an opinion on loosing something, but that is part of the job in coaching. You can not win every game. Everyone is bound to loose a game at some point. Just have to be able to take the bad with the good.

  • Yes, Sean Payton went too far when he snapped at a reporter following the loss

    Yes, in my opinion Sean Payton went too far. A coach's job is to win, and when you do not complete your job as expected there are going to be questions. This is true in every aspect of life, not only in the life of a football coach. This becomes even more true when your job is on display in front of millions of people every day. Sean knew this when he signed up for the job, and should be more professional in his demeanor.

  • I do agree Sean Peyton went too far when he snapped at reporters after Saint's loss to Detroit

    I do agree that a loss can be annoying and disappointing. When I was kid I would get mad or jealous when I lost over something... The difference though, Sean Peyton is an adult and he has decided to be in the football league which in return includes being surrounded by cameras and the media, therefore he should keep it together when he's upset even if there are reporters asking him questions that may seem annoying to him.

  • Nope, Payton is human and reports can be idiots

    Look, reporters are doing their job, but remember part of their job is to poke, prod and elicit angry responses to get a juicy quote or a clip. Should Payton know this? Absolutely. But at the same time, after coming off a loss, reporters are out for blood, and far too often do not understand the context and intricacies of on-the-field decision-making.

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