• Yes, coal is a limited resource and should be saved.

    I believe that we need to invest more in developing other renewable energy sources, and banning coal mining would mean that there would be less alternative energy sources to rely on. If this was combined with banning oil drilling as well, then the development of renewable energy sources would become much more important.

  • Yes, there should be a worldwide ban on coal mining.

    Yes, there should be a worldwide ban on coal mining. Coal is an especially dirty form of energy, and we must switch our focus to alternative forms of energy such as wind and solar. While it's true that the coal industry employs many people, our environment must be our first concern.

  • 10 facts why we need coal.

    1. Coal is the cheapest to source energy. It is way cheaper than any other energy sources. (Hydro is cheap but in the winter you will need to heat the water which needs a lot of money).

    2. Coal is also really stable. There will be no "scarcizties of natural gas if we use coal.

    3. Coal is just "ancient wood which has been under pressure for millions of years".

    4. Coal also gives us plenty jobs. Jobs include removing the coal from mines, transporting, burning it, and disposing.

    5. Coal is also "American made". They do not import coal from other places than the U.S.

    6. Coal has only little impact on the environment. The energy that has a bigger impact is fossil fuels.

    7. Coal mining "reclamation"gives the surface landowner many more options for developing his/her land." People living where there is mountainous terrain their is a mining type called mountaintop removal. This can generate very valuable land for the owner.

    8. "The prudent" will allow the U.S to establish viable "alternative energy sources. (The prudent means: acting with or showing care and thought for the future.)

    9. Coal gives us 56% of the electricity used each day. "It provides 95% of Kentucky's electricity." Kentucky has the lowest bill for electricity.

    10. Coal is great for the economy in Kentucky. The coal industry brought over 3 billion dollars to Ketucky.

  • Green energy can't support us.

    At this point, we cannot rely only on green energy. While they are promising, they aren't able to support us until we improve them. In addition, coal is a major source of power. I think that one day we might be able to, but not now. Coal is what we use right now to power our homes and workplaces, and to recharge those electric cars that are so good for the environment, and we can't ban it right now.

  • There should not be a worldwide ban on coal mining.

    There should not be a worldwide ban on coal mining. It is important to realize that coal is not an unlimited resource, so it is guaranteed to run out one day. However, there is no benefit to a worldwide coal mining ban. Perhaps instead of focusing on creating a ban, scientists and global leaders should world to find a resource that could replace coal.

  • It is good for the economy.

    Not every society can afford the luxury of renewable energy. In addition, renewable energy is often unreliable, so there need to be alternative sources available. Coal mining is relatively safe, and there are ways that miners can deal with the dangers that it causes. It provides good jobs for those who work in the field.

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