Coastal Carolina tops Arizona to tie CWS finals. Will they win it all?

  • Yes, the underdog has an uncanny way of rising to the occasion.

    Coastal Carolina has been the underdog in this baseball college match up. When the odds are against teams they usually rise to the occasion. After all they have nothing to lose. So far the team has been able to force a game 3. This should give them enough confidence to go out and play their best and hopefully win the championship.

  • Yes, the Coastal Carolina baseball team has a chance to win it all

    Yes, the Coastal Carolina baseball team has a chance to win it all. They beat Arizona to stay in contention and have a chance to keep playing to win the championship. They have a great team and seem well prepared. They have a solid chance to win the entire series.

  • No, Coastal Carolina will not win it all.

    Coastal Carolina will not win it all. CWS will probably beat them out in the end. It is very possible but highly unlikely that they will win. They are close but the odds are not necessarily in their favor. Only time will really tell if they can pull it off.

  • Who knows for sure.

    We can all speculate and say oh Coastal Carolina is doing great they no doubt will be shoe ins to win the CWS finals. But there is an old saying it isn't over till it's over. Unforeseen things can always happen, having followed some sporting events over the year I know this all too well. Yes, they are favorites but right now no one knows the real outcome.

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