Coca Cola: Does Coca-Cola or its production harm the environment?

  • Yes I think so

    I think that all products being produced by a manufacturing company hurt the environment in any instance. Since Coca Cola is a huge company I assume it most be harming the environment in order to meet the supply and demand for such a famous product. They might try to repay or clean up the issue, but either way mass production destroys environments.

  • We love Coca Cola

    Of course not Coca Cola has been a part of American culture such as Apple Pie, Lemonade, and Summer time swings, baseball in the out field, we love Coca Cola. The tradition of Coca cola is engrave in what we call America. There is nothing harmful about Coca Cola, if anything their cans help the green system recycle

  • No but Pepsi is better I think

    I think that maybe Pepsi is sweeter especially when colder but I also like Coca cola is bitter but sometimes not good that way? Cocacola is made to be the best one and very popular indeed but pepsi do taste like caramel more so I would say that even if Coke make more fizz pepsi is better so. Environment not the point because Pepsi tastes better and I think coke is good sometimes though ?

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