Coca crop eradication: Is coca crop eradication a good policy?

  • Yes, cocaine is dangerous.

    Yes, eradication of the coca crop is a good policy, because cocaine serves no valid purpose. There is no reason for any coca crop to exist, ever. Cocaine harms everyone. There is no evidence that it helps anything. Getting rid of these crops is beneficial because less cocaine is produced and fewer people are using cocaine.

  • Yes Its a good Policy

    The forced crop eradication policy implemented by the Peruvian government over the past 25 years has failed. The official strategy has exacerbated social conflicts; contributed to various types of subversive violence; jeopardized local economies, also affecting the national economy; and destroyed forests as crops have become more scattered. Worst of all, it has not resolved any of the underlying causes of drug trafficking, such as poverty, marginalisation and government neglect.

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