• Definitly better when enhanced with cream and sugar

    If you are eating properly the small amount of fat and sugar in a cup of coffee is fine i use a teaspoon of sugar adding a whole 17 calories to my coffee with cream i am getting abiut 70 colories. Big whoop studies have shown that the antioxidants, Polyphenols, And caffeine bioavailability is not affected by adding cream and sugar. So go ahead and add away just don't overdo it.

  • Yes! Very much so!

    Not so much as to cover the flavors, just enough to enhance them. The better the coffee, the less is needed generally.

    Personally, I use non blend coffees. I brew it in a Moka Pot, and I add a dash of whole milk, half and half, or cream (depending on what is available). I am not a fan of flavored creamers. I add about.. I'd say a tablespoon of whatever milk product I'm using.

    For the sugar, I do a squirt of honey around the rim of my coffee mug (usually as the Moka Pot is heating up so it can drizzle down and increase the surface area). This is maybe a teaspoon of honey.

    If I burn the coffee (uncommon, but where I am now has an induction stove top... Haven't mastered that yet) I add more cream usually at first to soften the bitterness. I tend to not add more sugar to it.

    Being from Hawaii, I'm a big fan of Kauai and Maui's coffee. Since moving, I am still looking for a good coffee source that is reasonably priced. It's weird, coffee and booze are cheaper in Hawaii than where I am in the states now... There are more options, but still, for quality the cost is higher on average.

    Everything else is cheaper... What were we talking about?

  • Coffee is better with cream and sugar.

    Creamer is used as a flavor enhancer and to add sweetness. Sugar is also used to add sweetness. Both can make coffee sweet enough for people with a sweet tooth. I like coffee like this. Drinking coffee also makes you live a lot longer than average. So my answer is yes.

  • Coffee is better with cream and sugar

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  • Cream and Sugar take away from the healthiness of coffee

    It is has been scientifically proven that eating sugars and fat's contribute to obesity. When you add sugar and creamer you're adding sugars and fats, which contribute to obesity. Obesity contributes to a vast amount of diseases including type two diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, and liver failure. Therefore, adding sugar and cream to coffee is not healthy.

  • A real coffee drinker drinks it black.

    If you can't handle the bitterness, then you are unworthy of the caffeine high. People who fatten up their cup with cream and sugar are an insult to us real coffee drinkers. It's pathetic. You people can't go ten seconds without guzzling sugar and fat into your friggin' pie-holes. Unbelievable.

    Posted by: pj69
  • Cream and sugar are fattening in coffee.

    Adding cream and sugar takes away coffees original purpose. Coffee is made to give you energy. If you don't like it as it is then find another energy drink. Pure black coffee is also a good morning cleanser, that is if you don't add any cream or sugar. So I say coffee is better original.

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