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  • Not in the deep south

    Living in the Northeast, I can say our roads are adequately prepared for any brutal blast of winter weather. It's not all that big of a deal, and we've dealt with these forces before. But I say anyone that lives in states North Carolina and points south may not have the resources in place, because they don't have the experience of dealing with bitter cold weather. Anyone that lives in Texas or Georgia wouldn't be used to seeing salt trucks on the road because they barely see any snow during the winter months. It's not their fault; it's something they're not used to. It's like the state of Florida seeing snow, and that can be a rare occurrence.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Public Services are not

    The public services in the Carolinas, and in the United States period, are inadequate in protecting people from the cold and from other disasters, as the United States lack any serious social safety net and welfare provisions that could protect people from these sorts of issues that arise like this.

  • Public service infrastructure is being the pace of climate change

    With climate change many places around the world are experiencing weather extremes. In traditionally more moderate climate zones like the Carolinas, cold snaps are testing the capacity of old public services infrastructure, with energy availability and efficiency being important topics. Governments need to support energy companies in evolving their business and improving their systems.

  • No, public services are not adequately prepared.

    For many parts of the country, the recent freeze brings much colder temperatures than are commonly seen in the region. This can be not only unpleasant, but downright dangerous when you consider how severe weather can affect public utilities such as electricity and water service. Hopefully we will all make it out unscathed, but there is certainly a danger that public services are not adequately prepared for the situation.

  • No, the Carolinas are not prepared for the recent cold snap, due to being unaccustomed to such temperatures.

    North and South Carolina are accustomed to hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. Unlike the region to the north of the two states, temeratures in the Carolinas rarely stay below freezing for prolonged periods in the winter. Because of this, counties and municipalities in these states find themselves unprepared to deal with the recent cold snap. No local official can justify having large, expensive winter weather equipment on hand year-round on the chance that unexpectedly harsh winter weather may hit.

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