Colin Jost under fire for transgender joke on SNL: Are jokes about LGBT less funny than those about other groups or individuals?

  • It is a sensitive topic.

    It is hard to know what crosses the line between funny and hurtful. LGBT people are at a time when they are stepping out of the shadows and changing the national dialogue on these issues. It is hurtful, rather than helpful, to make jokes about these things at a time like this. SNL actors should know better.

  • Mere jokes really shouldn't be offending people...

    They're not made with malicious intent, and are literally just to get a laugh out of people. Grow up, you lot get to make jokes about straight people as well. It isn't like I'll mind. I'll probably laugh along.
    And let's face it, a joke about the LGBT community is just as funny as the tried-and-tested jokes about various other ethnicities and religions.

    Speaking of which, there was the one about the British guy, the American and the Indian in a hot-air balloon, but that might be taking it a tad bit too far.

  • Everyone knows that...

    .......The unholiest joke you could ever make is about black people. Unless you are LGBTQxyz AND black it is definitely super bad of all time youre gonna burn in hell for sure fam a lam.

    This is satire though right? People are getting really uppity with their complaints and need to stop drinking the offended flavored kool aid (most likely grape flavor)

  • It just depends on the joke

    I think most people can agree that jokes about different groups, whether about religion, race, or gender can be funny if done properly. However, there are some people who simply cross the line without thinking of anyone else's feelings. Being careless with jokes causes undue pain, and care should be taken when telling jokes.

  • No, LGBT jokes are no less funny than other individualized jokes.

    Whether a joke is funny or tasteful is so subjective based on so many things. Are you or a loved one or close friend a member of the group the joke is about? how insulting or innocuous is the joke. I don't think it would be fair to say that jokes aimed at the LGBT community are any more offensive than other jokes.

  • Just hypersensitive and touchy

    Granted, the LGBT community has faced plenty of persecution and unfairness, but they have become hypersensitive about jokes or remarks pushed even in their general direction. Apart from serious illness and death, no topic should be off-limits for humor and parody. That' how you know that at some point, your belief system will get to be the one delivering the punchline at somebody else's expense.

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