College Board CEO pushes for new version of SAT: Should the SAT be changed?

  • Of course yes.

    I am from China. When seeing my comrades all getting 1600 points in the test I do not feel proud. I feel ashamed that people in my country cheat on the test. IT IS FAIRLY EASY TO CHEAT ON SAT TEST AND I HAVE SEEN HUNDREDS OF EXAMPLES. CHANGE THE TEST SO THAT NOBODY CAN CHEAT.

  • I think SAT tests are outdated and should be changed

    Standardized testing has become outdated. There needs to be a better way to asses students besides standardized tests. Some people are not good at taking tests but have mastered the subject matter, in these instances the tests are not accurate. The opposite can occur when students simply memorize answers but have no mastery of the subject matter.

  • Yes, most SAT subjects aren't significant

    The SAT is too broad with subjects that aren't directly taught in school and the scores play too heavily on the students future aspirations such as what colleges they can get into and how much money they can receive when it is not an accurate test of their intelligence or ability.

  • Get rid of it

    It should be changed to the point that it no longer exists. The SAT is only geared to a very specific type of student and has no value on actually learning as much as their ability to parrot information. All it does is prevent intelligent and creative students from succeeding.

  • No, the SAT should not be changed.

    No, the SAT should not be changed. Changing the SAT would place an undue burden on students who have already begun to study for it, as well as the test preparation services that help students study. If a new scoring system is implemented, it would be difficult for colleges to compare scores with students from different years.

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