College dropout becomes youngest female billionaire: Is university still a requirement for business success?

  • Young Dropout Becomes Billionaire

    I do not think that having a college degree is necessary for becoming successful. Many individuals have been successful without a college degree and those individuals have changed our lives. An example of this would be Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Being successful starts with having an idea, that's it. Achieving success can be achieved through hard work and recognizing opportunities.

  • University has never been a requirement for business success.

    It is always a wise idea to learn as much as a person can before "jumping" into the business world, but that doesn't mean a person needs a degree from a university to have success in business. There are many millionaires who only have high school education and had success in business. Business takes hard work and determination, 2 things university do not provide.

  • No, you can be successful without finishing college.

    There have been many famous college dropouts to achieve success in the past, such as Steve Jobs and Michael Dell, which proves that it's not necessarily the topics learned in university that lead to success, but the drive and motivation that a person has cultivated over the years, as this woman has proven once again.

  • Supply and Demand

    All that is ever needed for business success is a supply of something for which there is a demand. If you have a supply but no demand you can still succeed by causing to populace to believe your product is needed or wanted (creating demand). The university process can help people learn how to use this mechanic to their advantage but it is not required.

  • No, university is not a requirement for business success.

    I believe university is no longer a requirement for business success thanks to the technological advancements of today. With all of the information in the world available at your fingertips, anyone can become successful if they take the time to educate themselves, and commit completely to what it is they want to achieve. Practical experience will overcome book experience almost every time.

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