College football playoff ranking: Does Texas A&M deserve to be number four?

  • Yes, Texas A&M deserve to be number four.

    Yes, Texas A&M deserve to be number four because they have played some hard teams so far this season, and have only fell to Alabama, the number one team in the nation and the team that is historically the best. I think that Texas A&M has worked hard and deserves the number 4 spot.

  • Yes, they do.

    Texas A&M deserve to be number four just as they were ranked in the college football playoff. This is because the ranking is never done out of favor but it is determine by the teams results through competing with the other teams. To achieve a better rank they just need to add more efforts.

  • Yes, Texas A&M deserves to be number four.

    Yes, Texas A&M deserves to be number four because they have proven that they are one of the best teams in football. They have played every single game like it was their last and even when they lost, they kept the games close. They are a true force going forward.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The fourth spot was a surprise, with the one-loss Aggies, No. 7 in the Associated Press poll, sliding in ahead of undefeated Washington. The Huskies (8-0) are No. 4 in the A.P. rankings but No. 5 in the committee’s. “The committee, in our mind, believes that Texas A&M has played a stronger schedule at this point in time of the season,” Kirby Hocutt, the committee’s chairman and Texas Tech’s athletic director, said on the ESPN show that revealed the rankings.

  • They wont be on Tuesday

    They lost this week to an unranked team and I think they will be replaced by Ohio State. However I think that Washington will take the #4 spot in the playoffs ultimately as long as they do not lose any more games because Ohio State and Michigan play last week of the season and whoever loses that game will be out of the playoffs. The people on the other side are morons for thinking that Texas A&M has a better resume than Ohio State.

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