College presidents making over $1 million per year: Are extreme salaries in higher education causing student tuition rates to soar?

  • Look at the campus.

    If the campus has statues, and politicians that funnel billions to fellows of the institution, then most likely their cares are not you. That, however being said, depends on your own ability to care about you. If you suppose that a mere certificate of graduation from a political college will allow you to live the lifestyle of your idolized institutional fellow, as in wealth and power then if life sucks, it is your parents fault for helping sign you up for slavery to the institute. That is as clear as I can explain it to a bunch of spoiled Americans.

  • Yes, extreme salaries in higher education are harmful to everyone below them, especially students.

    Anyone who has taken even a cursorily look at the distribution of financial resources in institutions of higher education can identify the trend: the amount of money that goes towards administrative salaries, especially that of school presidents, simply defies belief. There is no way to defend this practice when the stated purpose of such institutions is to educate students and prepare them for the working world. Students shouldn't stand for this situation where their hard-earned dollars, or in many cases money borrowed at high interest rates, goes to pay exorbitant salaries of administrators.

  • I really do belive that higher education salaries play a factor in soaring tuition rates.

    I think that College presidents along with teachers, professors, deans, etc. are all playing a role in tuition rates being raised. It seems that the higher education, along with any other high dollar company roles, are getting greedy and forgetting what the system is all about. Education institutes used to be about the students and bettering the world. Sadly, this seems to be a thing of the past and instead we have people that are looking to make the most money with little to no regard for the ones that struggle at their expense.

  • I have some money but prices are outrageous

    I so have some money saved up almost $3000 and that is expected to cover the rooming, books, and stuff for the 1st month. I am looking for a Doctorates degree, I will probably go broke because these people are too selfish that they can't take a salary cut so I can pay the few hundred dollars less, my god! I am not against making money but COME ON this is ridiculous!

  • Selfish for those

    As a past college student, I find it not only disturbing what the presidents of unoversities make, but also the teachers. They get 4 months off a year and makie a killing while working the rest. While the students are suffering and barely getting by to feed themsleves becasue of the costs. Something needs to change and I think we need to start there.

  • The Education Racket

    The higher education system is out of control prices soar because they have no incentive to offer competitive pricing. Oh you cant afford tuition here's a loan application. Not to mention that our society has convinced itself that you have to go to 4 years of college or you are a failure. There is nothing wrong with an associates or a trade school or no school, there are still jobs what you need is a skill. For most people a college degree amounts to nothing more than a piece of paper. An employer will pick experience over GPA every time. You will learn more in you're first week of getting a job in your field than you did in 4 years of school.

  • Tuition will always be expensive

    Tuition is always something each student dreads unless they come from a wealthy family or get a scholarship. Despite this, the colleges make profits and will never reduce tuition fees but offer more grants and scholarships which are tax free and ensure they have the best students in their colleges. Unfortunately college education isn't accessible to all, but it should be.

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