• Who wouldn't want free college

    Free college would help a lot of Americans have a better life. There are a lot people that are smart enough and really want to do better but they cant afford a college education. It would also help a lot of people get out of debt to live better lives. More than half of the country cant afford a 4 year college tuition.

  • All education should be free

    But on other hand i really dont think of a way that school can get money
    i blame the goverment they should make education free but compulsory isn't that a better way to help the country grow .But seriously Steve Jobs and others doesn't need a degree and they are billionaire

  • Why not free education

    What if you go broke what we do with out money feed yourself or buy anything. So lets step up and vote yes for free education free education everyone I vote yes for free education free education !!!!!!! Yes free education free education yeah yeah. Yeah yeah !!! Free education

  • No to free college

    Their is no such thing as free because in order to make college free their would have to be an increase of taxes by 90% to 100% to pay, and cause economy to crash like for example the 2008 market crash. Which was caused by the government trying to make college free the first time which failed horribly.

  • Colleges shouldn't be free

    In theory, a free college would be of no cost to the student, allowing them to attend school without having to worry about being stuck with fees long after they even leave college. In reality, the student's tuition pays for maintaining the colleges' attraction. The money keeps good professors as well as bring in good students on scholarships. If college was "free" how would the school get money? They could get money from taxes, but then you are paying for college all over again. I say if you want free college, try your hardest in school to hopefully get a free ride.

  • The government would have to pay for it

    If colleges were free, the government would have to pay for all the things like student loans, gas, and food. Even though you're not paying for the college, people would have to pay around twice or maybe even three times more tax and I'm sure people don't want to pay more taxes

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