College / University students should have a part time job to help their parents financially. Do you agree ?

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  • Be a responsible person and an efficiently

    Students in university consist of many types of family's backgrounds. There are family's students that vulnerable in financial and have adequate money to support their children studies in the university. For the students that come from poorer family, they are struggling when it comes to pay for fees in university. Thus, I believe that these students should have a part time job besides study hard to help their parents financially as it train the students to be responsible and be effective worker in future.
    First of all, responsibility is very important in an individual development. The sense of helping others in return for what others such as families, peers, teachers and to name a few did to them can help students be responsible. For example, a student helps his family financially as a symbol of grateful for what the family had sacrificed to him. The student aware about his condition that he must help the family by doing a part time job during his studies. Based on this situation, the student actually being someone who his family can rely on and automatically being a responsible person.
    On the other hand, despite being responsible, they can be an efficient worker in job in future. As we know, the government want to increase fares for public transportation start from this December. As this will be implemented, this will affect the low income group. In order to help this by means encourage the students to have part time job. Maybe there are people who will say this will affect the students studies, in my opinion this can help students to arrange their time effectively. As they have another commitment, helping parents, other than focusing on their studies, they will experienced the same thing in their job in future. They have to focus on the work as well as family. So, eventually, they will be an efficient worker for doing work efficiently at the work place.
    In conclusion, helping parents financially can make a student be a responsible person and be an efficient worker in job in the future. I suggest that family who cannot afford their children studies in university urges their children do the part time job to help them.

  • Be a knowledgeable student

    Students, no matter they're from college or university, they're not necessary to do part time job while studying. But, from my point of view, I strongly agree with this opinion. The reason why I do agree is this is the only way for the students to earn more money to support their own financial not just rely on their parents. Not all students have knowledge regarding the financial issue. That's why it is important for student to have knowledge not only in academic but also about the financial on how to manage their money. Of course, students can apply for loan or scholarship. Loan which is also known as Education Financing Scheme was given from the government sector for the purpose of providing education financing to students pursuing studies in local institutions of higher education. This education financing will enable students to finance fully or partially the course fees and their cost of living for the duration of their study. But the fact is, as we all know, loan was given based on the parents salary. It is not enough to cover the whole semester even for the one semester. Sometimes, the other problem that we forgot to take into consideration is all kind of debts that the parent's bear. Other than that is some students have a lot of siblings, that is why parents can't give a lot of money to their child which pursue studies in the higher level but they also need to spend the money for the another child that maybe from kindergarten, primary school or secondary school. While scholarship, not every students have the chances to have the scholarship. Only students from the low background and have a good academic was given the chances to get the scholarship. This is why students should have a part time job in order to help their parents financially. Students can do any type of the part time job as long as it will not distract the students from continuing their studies. When they do part time job, they not only can help ease the burden of their parents but can also do some savings for the future. As what I have mentioned earlier, students have to be a knowledgeable students not in term of the academic only but also their financial matter.

  • Be an independent student.

    Students who hold down part-time jobs will have more money than they would have otherwise. In addition, it can boost their confidence and allow them to have some fun . Some students need to work through school to afford tuition. Others will set the money aside to pay back student loans. Still, the money will be theirs to spend as they wish, and they may appreciate it more because they worked for it. Other than that, it it will not burden their parents.

  • They are already a responsible adults

    At this level or this age, students are enough mature to take their own responsibility, and also it's time for the parents to rest and see what are the results of their long education, in facts, for many years the parents suffered to educate their children in order to see them responsible one day, and over 18 years old it's time for that. Then, after the university, students must start their working life and get married with many responsibilities, so they must start taking their own responsibility to be able to do more later with more duties.

  • Can increase the pocket money.

    Working while studying can solve financial problems, students can ease the burden on families if they have their own income. Even for tuition fees for every semester we no longer need to expect any help from the family. Then doing part-time work can provide valuable experience to ourself. We can learn how difficult our parents make a living for our family. It can also form the confidence to move forward in our life in the future.

  • I totally agree with that statement. They can learn how to be more independent in their student's life

    All students will use money too further their study. Although they have a scholarship or make a loan. Nowadays, fee for students more expensive. Students must be more independent in manage their life. This is because, students does not just gain their knowledge but they also have to learn how to be more independent. They can't just depend on their family. Their parents also have to earn money to pay something else that more important. Moreover, their parents also have to pay for their sibling education. When they have a part time job, they can spend their own money and it can help their parents financially. For instance, all collage or university will have stall that provide part time job for the students. It is better for them to spend their free time with something more advantage rather than they just waste their time with something disadvantage. In conclusion, college or university students should have a part time job to help their parents financially and they can learn how to be more independent in their life.

  • To ease the burden

    As a student, we know that we need a lot of money. It is because the function of the money. For example, to buy foods, drinks or even to pay the fees, we need to pay it using money. So, i totally agree with this opinion. But, i hope students still stick with their mission and vision which is to make our parents proud with our achievement. Tq.

  • Learn to be independent.

    It is based on student choice either they want to do the part time job or not because it is not necessary as they are still study. Besides, student make an additional income, they do not have to depends too much on their parents as they have their own income every month. They also can save some money from their salary to pay back their loan. Other than that, they can gain a new experience during their part time job. Still, they have to manage their time between study and working time wisely.

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  • College/university students must assume family responsibility

    College/university students are adults,so they must assume family responsibility,they should not just rely on their parents. For example,if students have a part time job, they can get paid and thus responsible for their own living, they do not just to ask their parents for money. Then,that will reduce the burden of their parents.

    In addition,thought part time job, students can taste the hard of earning money,so students would learn to save money ,so as to reduce the burden on parents. So,it is necessary for college/university student to have a part time job to help their parents financially.

  • I Don't Know if "Should" is the Right Word

    I think it is helpful to have one, but it is ultimately up to the student and their parents. If the parents are well off financially and don't feel that their child needs to have a job, and they are willing to pay for their college, then that's their choice. So, it depends on each individual family's financial situation. So, I don't know if "should" is the right word.

  • Its can damaging if it take priority of work over the studies

    By filling spare time with work, you leave less time to expend your brain power on assignments and studying for classes.For lower income families, contributing to university fees may simply not be an option. However, in many countries there are loans and grants specifically to assist students from low-income backgrounds. Then again, assessments do not always take into account all the relevant factors, such as the number of children each family has to support, or other financial commitments.

  • It is not necessary to collage / university student should have a part time job to help their parents financially.

    This is because, nowadays government and public sector have been provided many loan and scholarship for students. Most of student get a loan and scholarship when their studies in collage or university. So why student need to do part time job, if their get monthly loan/ scholarship. Unless, they spend their money on not worthwhile things like buying a gadget. Besides, if their do part time job it will distract their studies, they will lost their focus and concentration on their study.Moreover, some of them will feel enthusiasm to get more money and forget about their studies. Therefore, having a part time during studies is not necessary to collage/university student. But, if student can manage time between work and studies, they can do a part time job to help their parent financially and for their self.

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