• Drugs. Should be legal

    Misguided. As these users are i can't see any benefit to people knowingly putting themselves to have government intervention. Suicide is no longer illegal and people willing take drugs.. Not withstanding, governments and nongovernment agencies should do everything in their power to help people. Negativity affected and have constructive education and rehabituation facilities.

  • People should have a choice.

    A person should not have to shop around to different doctors to find the drugs that they need. A person can smoke marijuana if they want to, but they can't get a prescription for something without getting a person to help them with it? A person should have a right to control what goes in their own body.

  • Drugs should be legal, but also closely monitored.

    Part of the thrill of drug taking is that it is illegal, a way to be bad and break the law. Making drugs legal would make people less interested in trying them, plus is would also make the quality of drugs higher, so that they are not being cut with things like laundry detergent or other harmful substances. If drugs were legal and closely monitored, the people addicted could also be helped much more efficiently.

  • Far too dangerous!

    Most illegal drugs are illegal for a reason. They are extremely dangerous, and a person should not be allowed to even make a choice like that. If we legalized all drugs here in America, I think we would have a huge problem on our hands. More people would be doing drugs, people would be doing more drugs, and people wouldn't even bother to try and hide it from anyone, allowing people to be less responsible.

  • No, all drugs should not be legal

    No, all drugs should not be legal. Drugs are bad for people's health and the community. Legalizing drugs may cut back on drugs related crimes but it also has some negative health related consequences. Drugs need to remain illegal so that the other negative effects of drugs do not start to become evident.

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