Colonel Sanders' secret recipe book to be revealed: should private documents be made public posthumously?

  • Patented works should enter public domain after some years

    I believe it is logic that patented works like the secret recipe book of Colonel Sanders should be made public after their legal limit of patent. 50 or 75 years after the death of the author, it could be legal to copy and distribute after that because it doesn't bring advantages to the author.

  • Sure, why not?

    I think that recipes are just that, recipes. I don't understand how anyone could be so sensitive about a simple book of recipes. Recipes aren't something that need to be protected in my book. I mean, I get family recipes and that sort of thing, but a company recipe could be revealed and that shouldn't make anyone mad.

  • Private documents should remain private.

    I do not think private documents should ever be made public, even after the person has deceased. The document has been made private for a reason, and the writer probably assumes it will remain that way. Releasing the document after death is dishonest to the deceased person who wrote it. This is no way to honor the dead, in my opinion.

  • Absolutely No Way

    I think they should keep Colonel Sanders secret recipe book a secret. I mean they could be disrespecting the man especially if he wanted it to remain a secret. This is a person's life work and if he wanted the recipes to remain a secret then lets keep it that way.

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