• In extreme circumstances

    Most countries are more or less capable of directing their own affairs to some degree. But some countries lose that ability due to various trauma such as war, famine, genocidal attempts etc. And self-determination should be the goal of any nation. However, where the institutions for good government and self-security, the prerequisites for self-determination in anything other than mere exploitation, sometimes one must look outside one's borders for guidance and security. Countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and even the United States represent cases where colonialism has in fact worked. Indirect benefits include countries modernising themselves to avoid being colonised i.e. Japan in the Meiji Era. Even the threat of becoming a colony is a powerful motivator to improve oneself.

  • Colonialism strips nations and people of their rights.

    On 14 December 1960 the United Nations Adopted the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. All people and nations should be seen as having equal rights, and the colonial attitude contributed to the problems in Africa that continue to this day. So you use the racist allegation that blacks have lower IQ's, but due to discrimination, they have had far fewer education opportunities, which explains any gap. All forms of racism are bullshit. It has nothing to do with race except for the unjust discrimination that was subjected onto them by colonialists because of their race. And those who accuse blacks of being inherently lazy, let me ask - if that is the case, than why couldn't the white slave owners do their own work? In my opinion, blacks have worked HARDER than whites ever would to build themselves up, and they have done well for what they have, both in America and Africa. But racism is not over, and your racist comments (YES, THEY ARE RACIST) are not helping.

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