Colonization of the Moon: Is colonizing the Moon a good idea?

  • Life on the moon is important for humans.

    Earth has enough problems as it is, So why can't a special few of us move to the moon? I mean, It's a good place to be and we would still get sun. Within a few years, We could end up getting the technology to send things up there and build a "home" on the moon, So people could live there.

  • I think yes

    I think its cool to build a colony on the moon because maybe it would be better to live their and also cool. Im also a no because it would be hard to live their and a pane but im mostly a yes. Some of ya'll say no and i will like to read that. ARGUMENT!

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  • This is the obvious choice

    Our dream as a people is to reach out among the stars. Since we can't do that quite yet, why not start with our own natural satellite? We could figure out so much more about the moon, if we would just take the time and set up a colony on the moon

  • We can try.

    If it is possible why wouldnt we? If there is a possibility to a new beginning we should try to begi again? Its just a new oppurtunity. Could you beleive a new world, a new beginning, a new start. So if scientists figure it out, its definetley a great idea.

  • Fix Earth First, Then Fly to the Moon

    There are plenty of problems to fix here on Earth before humans should consider colonizing the moon. Let's fix poverty, hunger, homelessness and global warming first before venturing out hundreds of thousands of miles beyond our own atmosphere. The moon is worthy goal for space exploration, but we need to spend more money on taking care of our own backyard first before spending trillions of dollars on a moon colony.

  • Colonizing could lead to destruction, so no.

    Colonizing the moon could possibly lead to serious changes, both on the moon and on Earth. Colonizing the moon, especially if the purpose is to use it as a sort of leap pad to go further into space, could result in an increased weight/mass of the moon. As gravity dictates, this would lead to the moon slowly getting closer to the Earth. While it may be a very insignificant amount at first, it could have consequences for the tides here on Earth. Colonization of the moon could also lead to arguments over claims on the moon, if more than one country were to attempt to colonize it.

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