Colorado approves Right to Die measure: Should individuals have a right to choose suicide by legal means?

  • yes they should

    It's a very difficult issue, but for people with terminal illnesses or who are in constant pain that can't be treated, they should have the right to die. There should be a large number of safeguards in place to make sure that the individuals deciding to end their lives are competent and terminal, but otherwise, yes.

  • Yes, everyone should have the opportunity to make their own healthcare decisions.

    Colorado is the latest in a series of states that have approved a Right to Die measure. This measure, while highly controversial, enables individuals with life-threatening diseases to die with as much dignity as possible. For example, Brittany Maynard, a young woman with terminal brain cancer, specifically moved to Oregon seeking to take advantage of that state's Death with Dignity Law. In approving a Right to Die measure, Colorado expands the options for people living in that state to die on their own terms, and opens the doors for patients who live elsewhere to come to the state and experience that same latitude.

  • No, they should not.

    People should not have a right to choose suicide by legal means. This rule should be implemented to various people according to the type of crime that they have committed. If only individuals are given the chance to choose, then they might try to evade this law. It should be mandatory to various crimes as before.

  • It is abused.

    Right to die is a slippery slope. There are too many elderly people that are too easily victimized. If an elderly person becomes too expensive to care for, someone that has the power will just decide that the person wants to die. It is better to force a few to live than to force others to die.

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