Colorado Springs officer killed in Planned Parenthood shooting: Is Officer Garrett Swasey a hero?

  • He protected people.

    How is this even a question? Unless he committed some horrible crime beforehand I don't see how he wouldn't be a hero. He bravely protected US citizens, and defended US protected rights. The only people who wouldn't consider him a hero are those who would defend the *sshole who started shooting people at a health clinic.

  • Yes, All service people deserve respect and should be heros.

    Officer Garrett should be considered a hero in the fact that he put is life on the line every day he put his uniform on. All officers as well as fire fighters and paramedics deserve much more respect than are given to them. Each and every person who chooses to serve makind deserves to be considered a hero.

  • He was a hero to his family and to the public he protected.

    Garrett Swasey left behind a young family whom he clearly adored and who loved him. He worked in law enforcement in the U.S. protecting the public from harm and putting himself in harm's way in the process. He died trying to protect the public from a dangerous shooter and without his intervention even more people could have been killed.

  • Garrett Swasey is a Hero

    Although Garrett Swasey was a pro life activist and a strict Christian, he did give up his life in order to save others. Officer Swasey was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene and risked his life to stop the gunman. His beliefs did not come into play when he gave his life doing his duty. A father of two gave up his life to save others and in my opinion, this definitely counts as a hero.

  • Officer Heroic Act

    Officer Garrett Swasey is a hero because he, along with other law enforcement officials, acted together to help protect the city from dire tragedy and catastrophe. He sacrificed his life to help protect others at the time of the incident and deserves respect and acknowledgement for such acts of bravery/

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