• Yes, Shannon Conley Provided Support to Terrorists

    Yes, Shannon Conley is guilty of providing support to Islamic militants. Evidence shows that between September 2013 until April 2014, Ms Conley trained,researched, and told investigators of her desire to support foreign militants that are waging jihad (holy war). She attempted to fly to Turkey to meet with an ISIS fighter.

  • Yes, I believe she did.

    She openly admitted to federal agents that she planned to live with one of the head leaders of the Islamic State. She also admitted that she was going to help them start a holy war. Being so young, I don't think she actually had the capabilities to help their cause that greatly, but she still attempted to support terrorists and needs to be punished.

  • She wanted to help them.

    Yes, a Colorado woman provided support to terrorists like the allegations claim, because she made plans to go fight for the Islamic state. The Colorado woman tried to board a flight to take her to help a man that is fighting for the terrorists. She planned to user her nursing skills to help at the terrorist camp.

  • She definately was up to something!

    I think the FBI has more then enough evidence and she was up to something. If you give information or plan to meet anyone from a Terrorists group you are helping them and betraying your Country. I think she had a plan and was going to hurt Americans and any other people she could.

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