Combating Pollution: Does Paris Have the Right to Restrict Citizen Driving Privileges?

  • It is a privilege.

    Driving is a privilege, not a right. Paris has a problem with traffic. They also have a problem with pollution. It is best that Paris can make rules to regulate these things in order to keep traffic on the roads. Traffic in a big city is a huge problem. They have to deal with pollution and with traffic flow.

  • To an extent, yes

    I support governments placing restrictions to help combat pollution and work towards saving our environment. I don't think that they should take drastic, immediate action that may leave people without the means to live their lives as normally as possible, but gradual, small steps are a great way to make sure everyone is doing their parts.

  • Yes Paris has the right to restrict citizen driving privileges

    Yes Paris has the right to restrict citizen driving privileges. All sovereign governments have a right to restrict driving privileges in their jusidiction. Pollution is a very good reason to restrict those rights. Air pollution is a serious problem and governments have a responsibility to protect the health and well-being of their citizens.

  • I agree that measures must be taken to combat pollution

    Restricting citizens' driving habits in order to battle pollution is sometimes necessary. Alternatives to this could be allowing employees to work from home, this can help to reduce pollution without restricting driving habits. Pollution is a serious issue in many large cities, and something has to be done to prevent it.

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