Comcast agrees to pay $26M settlement for illegally dumping hazardous equipment: Should criminal charges be filed for those responsible?

  • Comcast employees should be held responsible for their actions

    Employees who make illegal decisions while working for a company should be open to criminal responsibility. When Comcast employees dumped hazardous equipment in unsafe places, they exposed others around them to real danger, and damaged the health of the whole community. Financial penalties for the company they work for are clearly not enough to prevent future misconduct.

  • It's Still a Crime

    If you do something illegally, you should know that you're going to have to do the time and pay the price for the actions that you did. So obviously criminal charges should be filed for those responsible, and at this point they would be very stupid not to do that.

  • There have to be consequences for corporate skullduggery

    Responsibility doesn't lie with the employee making $12 an hour who left the equipment off the back of the truck. It lies with the corporate offices that all and condone that sort of lazy solution to become company policy. It should be acceptable for large corporations to take whatever action they see fit without considering the true cost to the environment.

  • Comcasts Illegal Dumping

    I feel that Comcast is admitting guilt by paying a $26 Million settlement for illegally dumping hazardous equipment. Paying the settlement essentially shows that Comcast believes it was wrong in the dumping of equipment. If they were found guilty in a civil case there should also be criminal charges for those responsible. Those responsible should face charges in accordance with the laws broken by dumping the equipment.

  • Follow the Leader

    I think that punishment needs to be paid for by the system or the body of government that sets the precedent for what is right and what is wrong. The system gets away with blaming the company because it's like the parent punishing the child that mimics his or her bad behavior but takes no responsibility or ownership of that same behavior. The system(parent or leader) punishes the company(the child or follower) while losing nothing.

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