Comcast - Time Warner Merger: Will this merger give Comcast too much power?

  • Yes merging always upsets the power balance

    The merge of Comcast and Time Warner means time Comcast will take on all the power Time Warner had, which was quite a lot with all the mergers they had already in the past. Comcast is already powerful with everything they control as well. Merging is always tricky, especially when one side takes control of all the power.

  • Yes, this will put them closer to a monopoly.

    Yes, I think the Comcast-Time Warner merger will give Comcast way too much power. The fear here is that a company that large will do two things: they will be able to raise the broadband rates for most of the country and also discourage the start up of any smaller companies that might compete for any of their business. No one company should have this much power.

  • Already Have Too Much

    Comcast already has too much power and the merger with Time Warner will do nothing but make it worse. Consumers in America can't break free of Comcast because there are no alternative choices. The monopoly these companies over see is horrendous and un-American. Why we continue to allow this or even pay these companies for their crappy service is beyond me.

  • It is good business.

    No, the merger of Comcast and Time Warner will not give Comcast too much power, because they are still beholden to the public who pays their bills. If the public does not like what Comcast is doing, they can switch to dish or shut off their service all together. The market will prevail and force good practices.

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