Comcast vs. Google Fiber: Is Comcast's Nashville lawsuit the first of many to halt Google Fiber?

  • Yes, They are frightened.

    Since the announcement of Google Fiber going in several larger cities, Comcast has been shaking in their boots. I have friends that have even received mailers from Comcast explaining why they should stay with them after Google Fiber arrives. Comcast has had such a monopoly on the cable and internet market, they don't know what to do with themselves once healthy competition arrives.

  • Google scares cable companies

    Every major cable company is afraid of google implementing google fiber. they know that most of their customers will change to the new service. Cable companies have monopolized the industry for far to long and if they can they will delay Google fiber as long as they can. I only hope the courts see this and allow google to launch google fiber world wide.

  • Yes, it is.

    Google is not doing well, when it comes to Google Fiber, and it looks like they are planning on cutting their losses. They have put the project on the back burner, at least for now. Maybe when the cost catches up to the profit they can make they will bring it back.

  • Google can afford more lawyers

    In today's legal system, the win usually goes to the guy with the deeper pockets, who can afford more lawyers and can hire more expert testimony. That would be Google. Google Fiber may slow down its installation schedule, but iy would be more from a financial reason than a legal one, as the country seems more enamored of wireless than cable right now.

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