Comcast: Will cable companies start focusing more on Internet packages?

  • New and improved Comcast

    Comcast will have to rethink their strategy if they want to continue making a higher profit margin. They are getting away from television shows if people opt for smaller, more cost-efficient packages, and then just turning to Netflix when they want their shows. Having faster Internet and better package options for that, customers can still have Comcast, but they may just use their better Internet for faster streaming.

  • Yes, I believe they will.

    I think as more and more people switch to Amazon Prime and Netflix, I think the cable companies will have to put together packages that acknowledge this change. The best price for packages is usually with a triple play, but very few households are using all of their services anymore and I think they need to acknowledge that.

  • Internet is the way to go

    Yes! If cable companies want to remain in the game they will have to diversify their offerings and remain competitive in the market. With more and more media options and more and more companies offering the, packages are the way to go for customers and the companies who want their business.

  • Internet will soon oust Cable.

    Internet is becoming an ever increasingly important part of many peoples lives. Many people, especially younger people, prefer to have Internet over cable, since any shows on cable can be found easily online. The same can not be said about cable. For this reason, Internet has a good chance to slowly take over cable and traditonal forms of TV.

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