• Yes, I think so.

    This is an ugly, dangerous situation, both for the people who have been accused of horrible things, AND for the people who really really believe it who may be going off the deep end with fear and paranoia. I mean, these are serious charges against powerful people. If you really really believe it's all true and you've spoken out publicly about this thing under your own name, then you're going to fear for your life or well-being.

    Whether you believe that fear is rational, or irrational, this whole thing really is quite a mess.

  • Yes, fake news is inciting violence.

    Yes, fake news is inciting violence. This has become increasingly true in the weeks following the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Forums such as Facebook should be responsible for finding and eradicating fake news stories. They must act in the interest of honesty in journalism and public safety.

  • Yes, fake news sites are inciting violence.

    Yes, fake news sites are inciting violence by reporting on fake events. As is evidenced with the Comet Ping Pong shooting, all people need to act is a rumor of something wrong happening and they can turn violent. Writing stories on fake events in order to obtain more views for a certain webpage seems a pretty steep price to pay for all of the violence it can needlessly cause.

  • It was a misunderstanding.

    The vast majority of people know what is real news and what is fake. These news cites are not inciting violence. Rather, they just want to tell jokes so that people can laugh about how the news is absurd. Some people take these cites wrong, but they are just looking for trouble.

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