• If Done Properly It Can

    The chief reason communism has never been successful is because it has never been properly executed.

    It needs to be modified into a better form of socialism, to wit: Make it voluntary. No one has to be a part of it. To create incentives, anyone who doesn't do their job properly (through a review process) is kicked out of the socialist community.

    If this existed, it would work marvelously. Anyone who is poor in capitalism who joins the community is immediately middle class, and as long as they do their job properly, they get to stay in the community. Don't like it? Leave. Don't do you job? You're kicked out, and everyone else can enjoy being on equal footing while you go back to being subjugated to the wealthy.

  • Yes, Communism Can Help Less Wealthy

    Yes, Communism can help the less wealthy as the entire idea of Communism is to bring an even playing field to society by putting the means of production and its ownership in the hands of the people. Thus, if done properly, the less wealthy are elevated by owning these means.

  • Communism helps nobody!

    Under communism, everybody will be poor. The government will be rich. Communism usually leads to a dictatorship which doesn't really make it easier for the poor. Communism takes away the value of hard work because everyone makes the same so the harder working can't flourish. In conclusion, communism doesn't work!

  • Communism: A Perfect System Only In Theory

    The theoretical communist party system aims to implement a world of classless, moneyless, stateless peoples within one country or region. In theory, it aids the less wealthy by crushing the socio-economic divide which so frequently causes divisional strife between peoples of different classes. In order to reduce the class struggle, communism makes all people equal on the same level. However, the downfall of communist parties in the 19th and 20th centuries has been due to the fact that communism in a real setting does not work. Inadequacies, corruptions and government greed reduce the efficiency of communism helping the less wealthy.

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