Communism: Can communism help the wealthier in society?

  • Every Type Of Goverrnment Can Help The Wealthy

    This is a funny topic because communism and socialism often get bad reputations. Both really sound like they could be fairly a decent way to run a country. The problem is every government seems to abuse the true style of what the government philosophies like :communism is supposed to be. Capitalism appears to be going through a similar problem that early communism and socialism went through. The government always seems to pander more to rich part of society than giving as equal attention as possible to every citizen.

  • Communism isn't MEANT to help the wealthy.

    Communism is based on equality, and the idea that the rich shouldn't control the wealth, so it benefits the poor and lower middle classes. By basically eliminating classes. The wealthy are actually supposed to have a down fall in a communist society, hint the reason that there is a major problem between capitalism and communism.

  • Communism means equality

    In a correctly implemented communism no one man is wealthier the other. In the "Communist manifesto" Written by Karl Marx sets the idea of a classless system where no one is wealthier or better then the other an example of this is One of the planks of communism that Karl made in his book, which is equal obligation of all work. So I do not think that a Communism would be a benefit to the rich higher classes to society.

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