Communism: In a communist, society, would people by motivated to help others?

  • Human beings are social animals, and as such, helping others is a part of our basic biological nature, regardless of societal or economic type.

    People are innately wired to help others. Small children 12-18 months, who have not yet been taught the particulars of polite behavior, will readily help an unrelated adult if they are able. Being of use to others is crucial to the development of self esteem. Ours is a species that has evolved to cooperate. You can see this with division of labor, with the formation of family bonds and friendships, and in the specialization in working groups and societies. Regardless of the societal structure, socially cooperative animals like humans will always help each other.

  • Yes, people would still help others.

    There are some citizens in every type of society, and some that will not. We live in a Democratic, free commerce society, and yet there are many citizens who are unwilling to donate to charities or to help anyone other than themselves. Generous people exist in all societies, and selfish people do to. The government has very little to do with it.

  • No Communist Society

    Communist society is not a government for the people. The communist system of governing involve government intervention that is not common for a socialist or a democratic country. People in such as system of government where there is not input from the people would not be encouraged to help others.

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