Communism: Is communism a sound political philosophy?

  • Communism's fault is not in itself.

    Communism's fault is not in itself. It is rather the failure of application, corruption of communist governments, and horrible portrayal as well as anti-communist propaganda that fails it.

    Communism is the theoretical system that the means of production should be handled democratically. In fact, a government shouldn't even exist.

    One can argue that communism is ripe for corruption, but this is not true. Socialism, the premature form of communism, is breeding grounds for corruption.
    Capitalism actually is significantly more ripe for corruption, because money gives ridiculous power and corporations clearly take control of people's lives and governments.

  • Fundamental capitalism is a sound political philosophy.

    The problem with communism isn't the ideology or the principles but rather it's application, if fundamental capitalism were possible in the real world the country would emerge as communist without a leader and wouldn't ever elect a leader so that no one ever became greedy or powerful enough to change the system.

  • Communism is not stable

    Socialist and Communist philosophies were the most destructive forces of the 20th century and were a massive block to the advancement of whole segments of the world population. Communism and central authority are ripe for corruption and inefficiency, and communist industry has no incentive to innovate or develop themselves beyond their current forms.

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