Communism: Is the communist perspective on collective ownership of property appropriate?

  • Communism may be necessary

    As automation and roboticization increase, and they will, and more and more of the economic productivity goes to capital instead of labor, it's imperative that we make sure the productivity gains go to the entire population and not the 1 percent of capital owners. But to achieve this will require socialism of some sort, and that may lead to communism at long last.

  • Everything can NOT be automated

    A great deal of things can be automated. And yes this will require government intervention to deal with the effects. However everything can NOT be automated and the market is still better off mostly free.

    We will need people to program the computers that run the machines. No computers can not just program themselves. Even if they can to some degree we will still need people in the loop to be able to shut the whole thing down in case there is a serious glitch. We don't want Skynet to become a reality.

    In addition to programmers we will still need politicians as we can not trust computers to be our overlords. Arts and entertainment will also need people to come up with ideas. Science will too. Even if computers can calculate things to come up with discoveries this would be restricted based on their programming so there would still be a point in humans coming up with ideas.

    And in time people will upgrade themselves and become cyborgs. This may mean that people may become more efficient than machines in some cases and employing people to do tasks that had been automated for a long time will become profitable again.

    The dream (which is a nightmare if you truly think about it) of a world where everyone does nothing and machines handle everything will only ever be a dream. It is unworkable. It is ultimately undesirable. Life would cease to carry any meaning. It would mean the end of the greatest joy of all, the joy of accomplishment.

    Make something of yourself, because a total leisure society is just a fantasy.

  • No, under communism, everyone is poor.

    The communist perspective on collective ownership of property is not appropriate, because collective ownership leads to poverty. There is a principle of economics called the tragedy of the commons. That means that if something is owned by a lot of people, each one wants to take as much from the thing as possible, without any concern for the long-term good of the group. This is why wild animals area at risk of going extinct through poaching. When everyone own everything, there is no incentive to work hard or take care of property.

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