Communism is the worst political ideology to be conceived, Who can “try” to change my mind?

  • Communism is crap

    Well, There is alot of reasons as to why communism sucks. Poor resource management, Corruption, Hypocrisy when it comes to minorities, Oppression of the common man through lack of freedom. There are so many reason's why its bs, And why it will never succeed. To be fair however, Capitalism is just the opposite extreme on the spectrum. Why is it so hard for human society to find a median in terms of economy, And politics.

  • Communism doesn’t work change my mind

    Communism has been a detrimental political ideology due to the fact it has done complete harm to the citizens of countries who implement it. Communism allows for the state to control the lives of the people and directly controls the way they live. Communism has taken the lives of millions of people due to dictatorships like Mao, Castro, Stalin, And more. Lastly, The idea of no personal property and that all of the people being equal is a lie.

  • Worst Ideology Ever

    If you work hard for 10 years, You don't want to have to give up the fruits of your labor to a lazy high school dropout that works at Kroger, Just saying, That's less fair than what you think capitalism may be. I have to get to that fifty word count.

  • Communism cannot work as it requires absolute support from all constantly.

    The issue with Communism broadly speaking is that it is a far left political ideology and the further you go either way on the political spectrum the more everybody has to be supportive of the system or the more the government has to be controlled to make them supportive. Communism and fascism are incredibly similar in how they have to be implemented and sustained: usually through revolution, Coup or government takeover, Usually when a country is in a dire state or there are many dissatisfied poor people, Often have some kind of mortal enemy the state focus their propaganda on to take focus away from the government being at fault and also usually have absolute dictators that create some kind of cult of personality that the system requires to function at all. For example look at Germany in Hitler's regime he took power when the economy had been eviscerated, Stirred people up against the Jews etc. And then used the Gestapo to make dissenters disappear. Or look at Russia
    Lenin took over through a revolution of dissatisfied poor people who he made believe that the royalty was the common enemy and implemented his regime which barely worked until he died and was replaced by Stalin who brought in more authoritative measures including a secret police and used the Germans and then the American as the common enemy that was making everything bad in their country. In the end, It is clear that Communism like Fascism needs a population of people who are all 100% behind the ideology otherwise the country cannot function practically without some kind of force that hides these people. I have only focused quite broadly on why these ideologies can't function, Obviously, There are other issues I did not look at like the economics and such.

  • I'm about to blow your mind

    The American constitution is basically Communism with freedoms. First, Many people can't do what they want to do for a job. The only way to become in high society is to follow the American Dream. Many people can't achieve this because of their many situations. Second, Many people are influenced into their jobs. Whether it is from their parents, Or someone they know, Or even just they want to do that. There is always something that makes the mind want that job. Lastly Trump is trying to make the government into what he thinks is right. I'm not saying he's wrong or right, But he is making it all centered around him.

  • In a way, No.

    Communism as a system is not inherently bad. The communist system would work spectacularly if it were not for one factor: people. The reason we hear so many bad things about communism is because the people in power abuse the system. If you were to create a system of government similar to communism but with more power checks, It would work. All in all, Communism is only bad when used incorrectly.

  • Sovetsky soyuz; hail the motherland

    Take this with a grain of salt, As it is coming from a 12 year old with nothing else to do, But anyways; Communism is only viewed as bad because of the what schools teach us and what we hear about it. For everyone saying "Communism only works in theory, " I get it; people want to protect their inalienable rights: life, Liberty, And property. But at the same time, Communism can help the unfortunate, And people would be paid according to their needs. Let's make an analogy out if this: Let's say you had cows, In a Communist government, You would raise the cows, Then the government would talk all the milk and redistribute it. Of course there are downsides to Communism, But those are only minor. In conclusion, Communism only works best in a perfect world, Ie. : when everyone has good morals, But of course we live in a rotten world, And must accept that.

  • The only system without inherent flaws.

    Enough said really, If there are poor living under capitalism it is because they want to lower wages, If there is starvation in America it is not because of a lack of food it is because the shops want profit before they want you to live.
    Governments exist to serve the people, And the people work to maintain the state, Equilibrium, Corporations are simply leeches on this system of ours.

  • Communism is a good ideology, Its implementation has been flawed

    Communism is an ideology that would be extremely affecting and work if it was implemented correctly. It would eliminate classes, Make everyone in the country work together towards a common goal, And allow for no economic disparity. Communism says nothing about strict laws or more control over peoples lives then capitalism, It is just that Russia and many other communist countries have had strict/harsh governments. Even if communism is not the best ideology, It is certainly not the worst.

  • Communism, Contrary to Popular Belief, Is Not the Worst Thing Ever

    Communism is a multi-faceted economic system with several different variations. For one to argue against communism, One would need to have, At the very least, A functional understanding of these systems. But for the sake of simplicity and ease of reading, I will argue my own understanding of communism. Communism, At it’s core, Is a socio-economic system where the government controls the means of production on all goods. This however, Does not mean a totalitarian dictatorship must be in place. I feel that for a communist economy to work at it’s best- there should be a direct democracy, Ultimately giving the power to the people.
    For one to argue on a type of economy, A philosophical question must be in place. Should one work for the economy, Or should the economy work for them? Should one slave their life away in pursuit of bettering an economy or work in an economy that works to better them? I’m assuming most would agree with the latter. Communism is a system where there is ideally no money, No classes, And complete equality. All of these 3 things make it extremely beneficial to modern society.

  • Much too vague of a question to answer, However it is a solution to the problems arising from capitalism

    Communism generally promotes working as a group rather than individually. Historically the main problem with it has been the difficulty of motivating individuals to work if their income is not directly related to the quality of their work. One solution to this is that the government decides the individual's income based on their quality of work, Rather than their income being controlled by the "free" market.

    The concept of communism can arise as a solution to the issues stemming from a capitalist economy, Namely the goal of personal wealth being the driving force of progress. Often, Personal wealth does not align with what is best for the society (e. G. Climate change). Another issue is that it can lead to the exploit of the lower class, Which makes it much more difficult for the lower class to move up in the hierarchy and creates a larger divide in wealth inequality.

  • Its what the government wants you to think

    Freedom is just what the government wants you to think you have. Its what the government wants you to think. Its what the government wants you to think. Its what the government wants you to think. Its what the government wants you to think. Its what the government wants you to think.

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