• The true meaning is fine.

    Here is the definition: a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.

    It is basically a Utopia, but communism will never work because of human greed. The true meaning of communism has been destroyed by dictators.

  • It has good intentions

    Despite a lot of dictators being communist the actual reason for communism is to create a utopia with out social classes or a government. Which means that dictators can't be communist because communism indicates power to the people. IM not a communist but it isn't "evil" it was just used badly in the past.

  • The concept isn't evil

    The actual concept of communism is great, everyone shares what they have and no one goes hungry or lacks what they need. Unfortunately, it has never worked well simply because humans are greedy. Whether that is because of human nature or because we are told from a young age that material goods are the essence of life doesn't matter. It will most likely never work as intended, and if it does then America will make sure to invade that country and divide it against itself *cough* vietnam and korea *cough*. The real bad guy here is 'Murica, not communism.

  • Such a terrible concept

    You often hear that communism is "a great idea but will never work due to human greed" or "the theory is great". However, something that works in theory but not in application is inherently a bad idea. While it is true communism will not work due to corruption and greed, it also kills the spirit of innovation and advancement. Why bother working hard and advancing society if you can earn the same by doing less?

  • Communism Bleeds The People Dry

    Democracy is the best way to go as it gives the power to the people! Communism gives power to an elite few which is never good as those elite few may become drunk with power. Any form of government that captivates people in a prison of their own disparity and uses the people as slaves under the sadistic rule of some tyrant "Which it almost alway comes comes to" is idiocy and should not be practiced. In communist countries such as China and North Korea they cut off any media that isn't government regulated keeping the people in a state of ignorance which is Evil to do to people to begin with. In many communist countries, freedom of speech and expression is also not tolerated... If you wish to protest in China or North Korea the government will not stand for it and end up either putting you in "Labor Camps" (Death Camps) or kill you. Comunnisim is Evil and has been the source of many wars and conflict it only creates turmoil and should be completely eradicated from being practiced as it is evil and hold the people back from reaching their full potential as a nation!

  • It doesnt work

    Communism is the purist form of government no doubt. The idea is everyone is paid the same everybody is equal and its a utopia. One problem... Its run by humans and humans are not perfect people who think communism is good or big government in general doesn't realize that the politicians aren't above corruption. There is no freedom because the government monitors all your life and governs your life that is not freedom. Every country that has excepted it has fallen except a few which are crappy place's. Democracy and capitalism are the best way to go.

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