Communism: Would a Communist state receive popular support?

  • Of course. We will be back.

    Ideas can never be trully silenced. Especially not an idea as good as communism. Communism is vastly superior to capitalism in every way. Capitalism is when the rich people strive while the poor are left to survive with no resources. In the near future, when we finally realise we are draining the earths resources dry, there will be no room for people who hoard money. Both China and Cuba have seen communism strive and the USSR would have survived had they not fallen under poor leadership and economic strangulation from the western democracies. Just because our great leaders are mostly gone doesn't mean new ones wont appear later. One day, we will be back.

  • A communist state would receive support.

    Here is why: There is enough people that believe in communism, even in America, that would go to that state. So the whole state would be made up of nothing but communists. Therefore the state would be very popular with those living in it. Of course, all non-communists would likely leave the state leaving nothing but support in that state.

  • No it wouldn't

    Communism won't be back for who knows how long.Communism is a good concept but when it was in its later years, it was nothing more than an pathetic economic sytem that failed to provide for the people.Even though communism was widespread when the majority of people heard was happening outside they were tired of being told what to do by the government. Communism nowadays is what I consider a one party dictatorship

  • Communism Failed, Won't Be Back

    Communism failed for more than 75 years when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. China is barely communist anymore--much of the country is bogged down in state-owned agencies, but making money in private industry is big business in China. Cuba is still communist, but Fidel Castro and his brother are getting too old to run the country. Communism is dead. It was a good idea while it lasted, but that form of government likely won't be back.

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