• Yes, because some people are ignorant and stupid

    Many Americans will resist what is best for them, simply because the government asks them to do something.

    Someone only barely affiliated with the government can request parents feed their kids more vegetables, and the radical right wingers will feed their kids slop out of spite.

    The same can be said for the "Rolling Coal" idiots.


  • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

    The right of ordinary, sane citizens and their children to not contract horrible diseases that should have been eradicated long ago outweighs the right of pigheaded morons to refuse vaccinations based on pseudoscience or some idiotic religious excuse. The only exceptions should be in the case of legitimate medical conditions .

  • Yes, the government should mandate vaccinations.

    Yes, the government should be making sure that all children receive their vaccinations. Normally I wouldn't say that the government should have any say in something like this, but when you really think about it vaccinations aren't exactly a private decision. Choosing to not vaccinate your child can not only be devastating for them, but it can negatively affect the health of others.

  • Absolutely and of course:

    There is no sound reason why preventing the debilitating illnesses that we have the medical knowledge to conquer should be "optional". At no point in history has it been shown to be adverse at any given point to the life of those who are vaccinated and at no point in history has it been shown to be adverse to the countries that utilize the vaccinations. The drag out of politics getting in the way of health is so abysmal it's insane; how does one figure that people should be exposed to all forms of disease because of how they feel ideologically?

    That's no different than exposing you to HIV because I'm against condoms.

  • Anyone without a medical reason should be forced.

    Vaccines protect against some of humanities most feared diseases. Yes, there are a minority of individuals who have allergies to specific vaccines, or who have compromised immune systems. These individuals should be and would be exempt. Instead, we have people who skip vaccines because they have no experience with toxicology, and do not understand how safe their vaccines are.

  • Be responsible and vaccinate properly

    Unfortunately, many people are misinformed when it comes to vaccinations. If there is no contraindication for one to be vaccinated, then it should be done so to not only protect that person (who potentially could end up with a preventable disease at some point in their life and have serious consequences), but also to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. The argument that many of the diseases are no longer present in our community is because the vaccinations took care of the problem, BUT the big issue is that certain preventable diseases and on the rise, such as measles, due to the fact that peope are not vaccinating their children properly. This can quickly become a serious problem. If a person with a compromised immune system is around someone who chose not to get vaccinated out of spite and has fatal consequences, that would be quite a sad story and very unfortunate. The statement above which concluded that many people will avoid doing something the government recommends "just because" is right on target. It's a very irresponsible way of dealing with a serious situation.

  • Vaccinations? Of Course.

    It seems to me that people have forgotten the implications of vaccination on a public health footing.

    Today, smallpox has been eradicated. Between 1900 and 1979, 500 million people died of smallpox. Five hundred million deaths is greater than the number of deaths from both World Wars. Polio used to sweep the land, leaving a mortality rate greater than 30pc in adults. Those that survived were normally paralysed.

    A mass return of these diseases would be horrifying, as the death toll would mount to unseen levels before decimating the population. If we were to allow diseases to go unprevented whilst treating them with antibiotics and antivirals, we will reach a point when they develop immunity to our antibiotics. At that point, medical technology in the field of infection prevention will return to a level last seen in the 1930s.

  • The Government has No Place

    The government dose not have the right to override personal beliefs and besides, most of the vaccines that are given are for diseases that no longer even present. Most of the vaccines given are just government sponsored because the FDA is in bed with big pharmaceutical corporations. The government has no right.

  • Capitalism should be maintained as best as possible.

    From a purely economic perspective, this would be destructive, because it would cause a sort of monopoly. It's bad enough tha pharmaceutical companies have been granted partial immunity to the law.
    Modern medicine is about making money, not helping people. Results are beginning to demonstrate this. If all or even much of the cancer research money was actually put towards finding cancer solutions, we'd have instant cures by now. Morality has declined, and much of modern medicine is simply a scam. Not all vaccines are effective. More people died from the swine flu vaccine than from the swine flu its self. I can respect anyone who does not want mercury, formaldehyde, (potentially not) "disabled" pathogens, foreign human DNA, or any of the other toxins used in vaccines injected into their body or the body of their children. Where there's little risk, it's just not worth it most of the time.

  • No, this isn't a government decision.

    In rare cases of a suspected outbreak, or when one is expected, mandated vaccinations make sense. However, it is not the government's place to require parents to vaccinate their own children against their personal values. Some parents avoid standard vaccinations because of deeply held religious beliefs. Others have fears about health risks of getting them.

  • The government should not mandate vaccinations for citizens.

    The government should not be able to mandate vaccinations for citizens because a person's body should be under the control of that person, or that person's parents prior to conscious awareness, alone. Vaccinations contain ingredients known to be harmful to the human body, such as formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, aluminum, and thimersol. A citizen should be allowed to decided if they want to subject themselves to unsafe ingredients. International visitors should be forced to be vaccinated. Since most diseases arrive in the country from other locations, this mandatory vaccination will continue the community immunity by reducing introduction of disease.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    While I agree that it's highly irresponsible for parents not to vaccinate their children and there are very few valid reasons why one would choose to forgo vaccines. There are still people who are allergic or have a family history of vaccination issues, because of this I don't believe that people should be forced to be vaccinated.

  • People Should be Allowed to Make their Own Choices

    It shouldn't matter how good something is for you, or how many people recommend it, the government shouldn't force people. The ony purpose for any government is to protect its people, not interfere with their personal lives. The government has no business on whether a person has to get a shot or not.

  • Anything and everything medical should never be forced by the government

    The government has made laws that you cannot sue for vaccines if they make you sick. That should be a big red flag that there bad.I'm an American I do not like being forced to do something. Sometimes I wonder if vaccines were just created for the strong to survive anyone with any kind of brains won't put that kind of stuff on there body. Next time you ever consider getting a vaccine actually read what in it and the side effects

  • Educated Americans presented with a valid factual argument will make proper choices

    And the vast majority of Americans DO vaccinate their children WITHOUT the intervention of Big Brother. The government needs to STAY OUT of the lives of the citizens as much as possible.

    The REAL danger, in my opinion, are the millions of illegal aliens who trample our country's laws daily and who arrive with no previous medical care or vaccinations from their home countries. As Big Brother welcomes these law-breakers into our communities, they invite the introduction of many of the diseases we have eradicated through education and vaccination. The few American citizens who are NOT vaccinated are put more at risk through these illegals than they normally would be.

    Another argument to close our borders to anyone who does not arrive using the LAWFUL process

  • If there was a problem then the government would be responsible

    Raise their taxes but don't force them to get vaccines. If there was a problem with a given vaccine ever and if the public was too biased against considering there might be a problem because of all the bs crying wolf over past vaccines then the result would be the government would've been involved in forcing people to take a treatment that turned out to be bad. That would have a major destabilizing impact on society.

    But I have nothing against simply raising people's taxes if they refuse to get vaccines and don't have a reason for exemption.

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