Compensating Vietnamese victims of "agent orange": Should Vietnamese victims of "agent orange" in the Vietnam War be compensated?

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  • Compensating former enimie's is bad business

    This is by no means an endorsement of war. Many people would be better off if it never happened, but it did. We must accept the long term impact and move on. Compensating Vietnamese victims more than 40 years after the fact is inappropriate considering the plight of American veterans of that war and the following three. Use that money to help the VA, not the Vietnamese.

  • No, it is not practical.

    No, Vietnamese victims of "agent orange," should not be compensated, because it is not practical to compensate them. Although it might be ideal to compensate every person who has been the victim of warfare, doing so simply isn't practical on a large scale. Such as system would be ripe for fraud and abuse, and would be extremely costly.

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