Competition is not beneficial and is in fact harmful.

  • No it isn't harmful

    Competition is causing people to push and break their limits.IT makes them want to be better,smarter,stronger and in the end it achieves it.Not everyone is going to become a champion at something but at least they are going to become better.Competionion in sports makes people run faster,become stronger.Competion in school and mental things makes people smarter.I don't see something bad about it.
    Nations compete.They fight one another.This is natural tho.Even wolves mark their territory and don't let anyone else get inside.Nations fight and become champions or go extinct it is part of nature.The best survive and shape the world.We have to compete as people and as nations no matter the costs in order to become better stronger and smarter

  • Perhaps, if human nature were able to be quelled.

    We can not shake off the inherent nature of mankind, and therefore must account for it in all aspects of human interaction and governance.
    Fact: People, (all people), tend to be lazy.
    Fact: People, (all people), tend to be selfish.
    Unless these two facts can be challenged, then socialism will always result in a lack of productivity, as the lack of competition breeds laziness. Also, citizens under socialism maintain their selfishness, in spite of their supposed equity. Conversely, capitalism will use man's inherent selfishness to encourage him to overcome his laziness, producing a very productive society by way of competition.

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