Competitive sport does more harm than good to students

  • Over Competitive coaches

    I've played sport for a while, Under many coaches but also seen many in action. The competitiveness of some junior coaches is so high, I constantly see the same child, Sitting on the bench as the coach yells instructions to the others. In junior levels the main idea is so kids can gain skill. How can they gain skill if the coach won't let them on the field.
    The message it sends to the kid is that he isn't good enough. And how will he grow skill in sports to see if he enjoys that sport.

  • It builds character

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  • Sports aren't bad

    Children who compete in sports learn many things like discipline or perseverance, And they make friends and have fun competing with other children. It's also important for children to do physical activity and to improve their physical skills, And doing sport with other children makes them love sport, So they'll become healthy adults who do sport because they love it.

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  • No, Sports are good

    They need to know that life is not going to be a pillow fight. That other people want what they want. They have to fight for somethings, Whether it be sports or a new promotion. They need to know that not everything is going to be handed to them with a bright pink bow on it.

  • On the Fence

    Personally, I hate competitive sports.
    I feel intensely pressured to do my best and, When I fail in front of EVERYONE, Well that's just embarrassing. But for a large majority of kids who participate in competitive sports, They are able to develop and build friendships while improving their physical and mental health. It really depends on the child.
    Throw me in a soccer field and tell me to play and I will probably stand right on the edge of the boundary lines, Watching everyone else win the game for me. For those who have crippling social anxiety, Then competitive sports probably is doing more harm than good. But for someone who has a passion for sports and does not have any form of social anxiety, Then they'd probably be fine.

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