Compulsory bike helmets: Should bike and skateboarding helmets be made compulsory?

  • Helmets a must for bikers

    I have been wearing a helmet for the last 35 years or so while riding a two-wheeler. And for the last 20 years, My PK-style helmet has saved me on a number of occasions. Wearing helmets for both the driver and the pillion-rider should be compulsory on the pattern of seat belt for car drivers.

  • Can Cause Head Injury

    I rode on my brothers skateboard once and once I fell off, I opened my head and blood started gushing out and I blacked out and next thing I know, I was in the hospital getting staples or stitches. So, that's why I agree with the people who said yes.

  • I fell on my head once and blood started gushing out.

    In 2010, I rode my brothers skateboard and when I fell and landed on my head, I started crying while blood started gushing out and my mom was mad at my brother but I told my mom that it was my fault. So, that's why I disagree with the people who said no.

  • Yes helmets should be compulsory

    Most people that don't where helmets are ether dumb,think thare to cool for a helmet or some people complain they are uncomfortable.I think that most people that crash and are whereing helmets are saved from major injuries.I'm doing a persuasive writing peace on this and have done a lot of research on this topic and agree fully.

  • Yes, helmets save lives and it should be made complsory.

    I believe that bike and skateboarding helmets should be made compulsory. I think it is important to instill in kids early on the importance of wearing helmets. Helmets can prevent death and brain injury. If helmets were made compulsory there would be a lot fewer lives lost. It would not be a battle for parents to make their kids wear helmets--it would be a requirement.

  • Yes, bicycle helmets save lives

    Our society is very interested in appearances. People often forgo a helmet in the interest of looking better. However, helmets save lives. Wearing a helmet when riding a bike or a skateboard should be made compulsory in the same way that seat belts were made compulsory. The safety of human life should be put at the highest priority in our society.

  • Helmet should not be compulsory

    Wearing a helmet is too uncomfortable . People just don't understand what is happening around them just because of helmet sometimes helmet disable is to hear the sound of horn !!! Wearing a helmet should be optional whatever the case is maybe bike skating etc.. No one should be forced by law to wear a helmet

  • No because they don't help

    They don't protect kids form concussions. It also should be a choice. They do help but don't. Its just hurting people more and more per day. Do you want to se a lot of people with concussions. I don' want to see people hurt. It should not be a crime to NOBODY!!!

  • Helmets should not be compulsory.

    The choice whether to wear a helmet or not should absolutely be up to the person riding the bike or skateboard, motorcycle, snowboard or whatever. Allowing the government to take our choices like this away is a very slippery slope and for some reason a lot of people don't see it happening. They hide behind "the good of society". I am an adult. I don't need protection from myself and I will make my own decisions. That shouldn't be a crime.

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