Compulsory foreign languages in school: Should all school pupils be made to learn at least one foreign language?

  • Yes there should be a foreign language in school.

    Because our country is a developing country and this way by making a foreign language compulsory in schools we can help our country develop. We our the future citizens of our country and if we agree with any job in which we are posted somewhere out so this will only be the way to communicate.

  • Yes it is required

    If one doesnt know any foreign language then he will not be able to communicate effectively with all people as in todays world you will hardly find any people who do not know a foreign language. Also if u know a foreign language well and have a degree for it then it will be easier to find a job.

  • Yes, for communicate very easily

    When a foreigner come to our school you must know how to communicate with that person.While all are communicating you will be looking at them.What will you gain?If the school management did'nt keep a compulsory rule that foreign language is not compulsory ,there is no use.The students must know different languages, so it is easy to communicate and gain superb knowledge..

  • Knowing foreign languages are important.

    Schools should require all students to learn at least one foreign language because in today's work force it is important that employees know a foreign language. If you look at requirements for jobs today, it says that priority will be given to applicants that are bilingual, so by requiring students to learn a foreign language you are helping them get ahead in the work force.

  • Yes, in the modern world it is necessary

    In the modern world it is increasingly important for everyone to be able to communicate in more than one language. It is much easier to learn and comprehend another language as a child, vice later in life as an adult, therefore students should be required to learn and prove comprehension of at least one additional language.

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  • No, its not effective

    The only way you're going to learn the language is by doing. Sure its great to learn a foreign language, but if you're not in that country then its quite useless. As someone who's lived abroad Its been required of me to learn a foreign language at school. Yet, none of these languages have been any use to me because i've had no one to speak to. Generally the students don't continue the language in uni, because it's not that useful.

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