Compulsory physical education: Should Physical Education in schools be compulsory?

  • Yes because obesity

    I think that people should be forced to do PE in school because governments are complaining that the average weight of children under the age of 20 is getting bigger when physical education in schools is not compulsory. So basically they are complaining about something that they are not helping themselves

  • PE should be required at all Public schools.

    PE lets kids work out and build stamina. It also brings self confidence to students and lets the kids have fun during school and also gives them the exercise they need. It provides them with running, weight lifting, and conditioning. PE shows students that there is more than staring at a screen all day.

  • Compulsory physical education

    Physical education is important in the lives of children. Many children grow up with the mentality that sports is not for everyone but that is not true. In order for you to be healthy you need to be physically fit and physical education helps learners to be physically and mentally fit to perform better.

  • Physical education in schools should be compulsory.

    Physical education in schools should be compulsory. Every student should be required to take physical education every year throughout school. I think that is what is wrong with most children today is that they are not getting the exercise that they should be getting. If children are not going to exercise at home then they should be required to at school.

  • Physical Education in schools should be compulsory.

    Physical education is necessary in schools in order to make sure that kids are healthy. If kids spend all day in a classroom with no exercise, they could become obese It is necessary to instruct kids in good habits which will help them to lead healthy lifestyles in the future.

  • Yes it should

    I think that physical education in schools should be compulsory. It should be mandatory because it is an important subject just like math, history, and science. Physical education is important because we all need to learn how to lead healthier lives through diet and exercise and PE is the class to show that.

  • Compulsory Physical Education

    Without a doubt, compulsory physical education is necessary in schools today. Children grow up being far less active than the children of yesterday. Such a trend is causing Americans to become obese and unhealthy to say the least. For that reason, physical education needs to be compulsory in every school.

  • P.E. should be required.

    Physical Education should be a requirement for all schools. Students need to learn the basics of all sports from a playing standpoint instead of just watching them on a television. It is also important that students get regular physical activity. Physical Education classes are an easy way for students to get in their daily recommended activity.

  • Physical education should be compulsory

    There is a serious obesity and health problem in the United States. There are some kids who don't have any healthy options in their childhood other than the exercise that they get in physical education. It's important for children to learn how to take care of their bodies and perhaps even find a sport that their fond of.

  • Physical Activity Reduces Stress, Maintains Fitness

    Physical education is just one component of an overall education in public schools. Some classes should be mandatory so students get some physical activity while in school. Physical activity reduces stress and helps kids maintain fitness during a six-hour or more school day. Phys ed has always been around and those types of classes should stay.

  • Waste of time

    We have only 6 to 7 hours of school and why waste 1hour on PE? We can use it to study...Unless if someone is really REALLY interested in sports then join a sports CCA! We have plenty of free sports ccas in school..Or we can also go for classes as PE dosent teach ALL sports of a students interest!

  • Sport is NOT my future

    Yes, there are people who don't want to be a pro footballer or rugby player when they are older. Students should pursue the subjects they enjoy; if PE is compulsory, it will be less enjoyable and take their focus away from the subjects that they will actually NEED in their future career. Take it from me - I'm a student myself. The obesity problem is something that should be taken care of by individuals and their families. Not EVERYONE is obese.

  • PE is not needed at all nor is it a compulsory subject in school.

    Have you ever heard of "Whats your favorite subject?" Gym or PE IS NOT A SUBJECT! This is why this is not a compulsory subject because it isnt one at all so yeah this is not a needed subject at all. Tell me how please becauseim honesly wondering becasue its not

  • PE shouldn't be compulsory in any way

    No like why waste time on things that are not very important ,instead learn and do something about your life because one day ,your're known as the pro in running but maybe you broke your leg , surely that means your career is over and y u wasted your TIME

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