Compulsory vaccination: Should the state make vaccination compulsory?

  • Do we want to live?

    I mean honestly, these parents are insane. Those who don't want their kids vaccinated are not only putting their own kids at risk, but they are also putting others who got vaccinated at risk. For example, the Amish, there is a reason there isn't a lot of them left. First of all, many of them realize the stupidity of their faith and also many of them die of diseases that can easily be prevented by disease. To those who worry about side effects, the re is side effects with everything. There is a chance right now that a meteor will fall and land on you. In fact, there is proably a better chance of that happening to you then you children having a bad side effect from a vaccine. Do you worry about the meteor falling on u? Of course not. We need to learn to get out of the idiotic mindset that anything scientific is dangerous. Sceince is the basis of life! Vaccines saved the American army at Valley Forge. Without vaccines our country wouldn't exist!

  • Vaccinations should be compulsory under most circumstances.

    In the end, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to receive medical treatment, and if a consenting adult wants to ignore scientific evidence and die horribly of a preventable disease, then so be it. However, it should be mandatory for anybody under 18 to be vaccinated regardless of the views of their parents. Minors generally have undeveloped judgement and thus cannot make an informed decision not to be vaccinated, and as such the government has the obligation to mandate that children receive a thoroughly proven and beneficial disease immunization method. If parents forbid the vaccination of their children on religious or other grounds it constitutes reckless child endangerment.

  • Parents Have the Right to Refuse certain vaccinations for their children or a particular child of theirs who has certain sensitivities

    Also with a vaccination (per my doctor) there is no guarantee that it will not make you sick or that it will prevent you from getting the virus it's meant to protect. The pharmaceutical companies can NOT be sued, they are free of any legalities if a child suffers or dies as a result of the vaccine...No responsibility on their part...That's pretty scary in itself.Serious adverse reactions from vaccines are being ignored and covered up. How come known illegals who are criminal can come into our country ...How are we going to have them line up for their shots. Why are the caring being penalized and our human rights in jeopardy. This is madness. You can't inject me or my child without my consent with something that could harm either of us!!!

  • Vaccination should not be forced

    State should not force vaccination on people. People should be able to have a say in whether they want to be vaccinated or not, particularly in cases where benefits of vaccination are dubious and have been hotly debated. For example when a virus has so many strains and mutations that vaccines cannot account for the variety and are thus incapable of preventing infection.

  • Don't force a needle in my arm

    The state should never be allowed to make people receive medical attention. They should make it readily available and greatly encourage the person to use the facilities that have been established but should never force someone to receive it. There are some people that believe that vaccinations do not work and that is there right to not go and receive the vaccination.

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