Concealed carry of handguns in restaurants: Should concealed carrying of firearms be allowed in restaurants?

  • Yes they should

    Is it just a random coincidence that 99% of mass shootings in America are in gun free zones? Or than American cities with more gun control a have more crime or than countries with more gun control have more crime? People need to wake up and stop blaming objects that have no soul or conscious.

  • Is It Any Less Wise To Allow Concealed Carry of Handguns in Restaurants than to Allow it At All?

    As far as I know permits allowing people to carry concealed handguns do not restrict that permission from any locations indoors or outdoors. It would seem unreasonable to issue someone a permit to carry concealed and then deny that permission in specific places. Why would restaurants be exempted if not churches, ballgames, theaters? Is a shooting spree more apt to break out in a restaurant than in other places? Is violence more apt to happen there? Is the restaurant food really that bad in this country? Aside from the fact that in the movies and sometimes in real life the mafia don is killed with a handgun while eating in this favorite restaurant, an ethnic stereotype with no more validity or legality that any other ethnic stereotype, I do not think there is any logical reason to deny concealed carry of handguns in restaurants. People are no more vulnerable there than in many other situations and no more likely to be targeted. There may be a problem with concealed carry of handguns anywhere. If so that would be addressed best by legislating against any concealed carrying of handguns, not by banning it in one sort of venue or venue by venue.

  • Not in restaurants!

    I really don't have an issue with the right people being allowed to own guns, but it sounds even worse then smoking in public. If somebody openly walks into a restaurant carrying a gun, I am willing to bet money, that would make more then just one single person very uncomfortable.

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