Concealed handguns: Are concealed handgun laws a good idea?

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  • We are putting ourselves in danger.

    If the "good guys" don't carry then all the "Bad Guys who are armed will have all the power. After all, its not the gun that kills, but the person using it. If we don't defend ourselves than who will? Abcdefg filling words to comment this 1234 three more needed

  • Concealed handguns are okay with a license.

    Not just anyone should be allowed to carry a concealed handgun, but if you have passed background checks and gotten your concealed carry license then you should be allowed. It is not the people who are taking the time to get a license that are shooting people it is usually those who obtain a weapon illegally.

  • Concealed hand guns would increase the crime rates

    I've done some research and its proven that most of the people that were allowed to have a concealed weapons were reported for and pleaded guilty to felonies. There were 216 warrants, 128 were convicted of armed robberies and rape, and 6 of them were registered sex offenders. If we allow concealed weapons then the crime rate will go up because a lot of people think that having a gun makes you invincible.

  • Concealed Handguns Create More Harm Than Good.

    No, concealed handguns are not a good idea. In today's society it is becoming easier and easier to obtain a weapon and be able to carry it. With the lack of restrictions on gun laws there seems to be an ever rising rate of gun related crimes in the U.S. That being said I feel that if we were to allow anyone to conceal a handgun there would be an increase in crime.

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