Concealed weapons on college campuses: Is allowing concealed weapons on college campuses a good safety measure?

  • Two shots - Two dead

    A deranged student stands up in class and pulls a gun and starts firing. After the first shot hits an innocent student the person sitting behind the deranged student stands up, pulls his weapon, eliminates the threat, checks surroundings to be sure the person was acting alone and then re-holsters his weapon as he yells for someone to call the police. One innocent victim, one dead criminal.
    Concealed weapons will not prevent crimes but drastically reduce the impact.

  • More people with concealed weapons equals less school shootings.

    I think that a lot of school shootings could be prevented if
    there were more students and faculty armed with concealed weapons. If they couldn’t be prevented totally, they
    could be minimized. Also, less people
    would commit these crimes if they knew that there was a possibility that more
    of their potential victims could have concealed weapons.

  • Allowing concealed weapons is a good thing.

    Allowing concealed weapons on campus, or anywhere for that matter, is a good thing. A criminal is going to be less likely to attack if they do not know which people have guns. A young girl walking across campus at night is going to feel a lot safer knowing she has a weapon to defend herself. Concealed weapons are not a dangerous thing as long as the person carrying has had proper training in gun use and gun safety. If a person is carrying legally they have had that training.

  • Who Fired the First Shot?

    Imagine for a second that you are at a crowded school event. If somebody comes in and tries to shoot the place up, a bunch of people could try to stop him if they had concealed guns. This is actually a bad thing. If you have a gun, you might see somebody else in the crowd with a gun out in the midst of this chaos. You have no way of knowing if he is the shooter, or if he is just like you and trying to stop a shooting. He also doesn't know if you are the shooter. Now, add 10 more people with guns, and people who were trying to stop the shooting are going to start accidentally shooting other people who were trying to save the day.

    Then imagine the police show up and have to try and sort this out!

    Even if you could pinpoint the shooter, some people would get shot before he can be stopped anyway. And you better hope everybody somehow knows you are the good guy.

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